Compact Flash Cards And Your Embroidery Machine

Why won’t my Compact Flash Card work in my embroidery machine?

There are several reasons why your CF card may not work in your embroidery machine. The card could be defective, it could be larger than your machine’s memory capacity, or it could be in the wrong format. While the brain of your embroidery machine is actually a small computer, it is no match for the power of your desktop PC. One of those limitations is the inability to read multiple file formats. Just as your machine is designed to read only certain types of embroidery files, it normally can only read files stored on the media in the older FAT or FAT16 file system format. Continue reading “Compact Flash Cards And Your Embroidery Machine”

Bobbin Size Comparisons Most Common Sizes

There are many different bobbin sizes in use today. The most common sizes are the L Class, M Class and Class 15 bobbins. A large percentage of commercial and home sewing/embroidery machines use one or more of these bobbin sizes. Chances are your machine does too, but the difference between them is sometimes confusing.

Of the three classes I mentioned, two are distinctly different and not interchangeable. The L Class and M Class bobbins are substantially different in size. Machines designed to use L Class bobbins will not accept M Class bobbins. The M Class bobbins are much larger in diameter and will not fit into the bobbin case. The graphic below Continue reading “Bobbin Size Comparisons Most Common Sizes”

Custom Made Dust Covers For Epson Printers

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Epson 2200 Custom cover for the Epson 2200 Printer.
Colors: 8 Available
Item: CCA0201
$22.95New Item! Epson 2200 w/paper guide
Colors: 8 Available
Item: CCA0232
Epson R800 Custom cover for the Epson R800 Printer.
Colors: 8 Available
Item: CCA0202
$22.95New Item! Epson R800 w/paper guide
Color: 8 Available
Item: CCA0233
$28.95See Epson 2200 photo for example. The cover looks the same, but with “Epson R800” embroidered on the front.
Epson 1280 Custom cover for the Epson 1280 Printer.
Colors: 8 Available
Item: CCA0204
Continue reading “Custom Made Dust Covers For Epson Printers”